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Partage d'observations


Interpellé par l'empreinte du nombre d'or dans de nombreuses créations naturelles, j'ai entrepris voilà quelques années de comprendre cette entité mathématique. Cette démarche, entamée par la géométrie, m'a rapidement plongé dans une nouvell

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Vibrational Medicine

Hello Fellow Investigators. While looking for ways to explain different symmetries to my college students, I stumbled onto cymatic images conducting research for my teaching job. Once I understood that these remarkable images were not digital creatio

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The Soundbox instructions

Rather incomplete instructions:

Is the box enclosed, or three sided?

Do I attach the amp, or just sit it under the box?

What size amp did you use? Give me brand, and model, I"ll look up specs.

What thickness of latex did you use.

Brand, model, or typ

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303 Hz Frequency Vibrations


I am new to Cymatics and was looking for some professional assistance.

I would really love to see visually what 303Hz would look like as this number follows me every where.

It is also Sacral Chakra Awakening Music for Meditation 

It is also Th

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Ideas for Science Fair



I am in need of a science fair project, and I was really hoping it could be about cymatics. I just was wondering if any of you knows how I could go about doing it. Cymatics is just such an intriguing subject and would be something new and fresh

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Cymatics Water Project

Good evening sir/madam,

We are interested to do 'Cymatics Project" for our undergraduate study final year project.
Of course, through progress finding the methodology to set up this project, we found your website which provide alot useful information

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Cymatic plate

I've been experimenting with a very primitive tonoscope, but i would love to build a large cymatic plate. however, i can't seem to find plans Anywhere! can anyone help... this is a sacred science to me and i'm willing to do whatever it takes to furth

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New to forum - Have some ideas

Hi.  I'm new to this board and I've got some ideas I want to toss out there since I don't have the experience or funds to pursue this.  

There's a few things I see happening in most of these demonstrations:

1) There is a static non-comforming group

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