• That's a very interesting proposal. In fact, I have a post on my profile where I ask a similar question. Cymatic patterns respond to frequency effects. Apparently, the patterns behave in the same way depending on their length. The complexity lies in being able to store information when conducting experiments, and there's also the inclusion of references with the most scientific analyses in fields such as physics, electricity, mathematics, materials, and so on.

    Seven years ago, I set out to discover the vibrational capacity of the electromagnetic spectrum in its entirety. This was so that I could find a universal language focused on vibration in our dimensional environment.

    Sensorial, rational, psychoanalytical, intuitive, scientific - I aimed to quantify the existing Aether that encompasses everything. This would enable me to develop a language that could emit communication to the infinite... and who knows, maybe even answer the reality of how we feel as living beings: soul, spirit, consciousness, body, mind. Furthermore, my theory attempts to link the quadrivium with chemistry. If you're interested, I can send it to you. The idea is to understand and learn more every day, with a holistic perspective. We measure or understand vibrations based on time, either absolute or relative. But I consider the quantification of coherence as the symmetry of vibratory beauty that unites everything from one point to another and also on itself in relation to time... as a language of communication. Sender - message (musical, mathematical, visual, sensory, chemical) - receiver. The mind creates reality. If we can dialogue with it and achieve a balance between body and mind, we can achieve harmony with everything.

    <Communication: interaction of language for understanding>

    Sender - message - receiver (which can also be internal... self-evaluation, decision-making, etc.)

    <Electricity: flow of energy from one place to another. Movement of electrons within a conductive material. Energy - frequency - vibration>

    Sender = Energy / Message = Frequency / Receiver = Vibration

    The theory explains the idea better... :P

    I'm also in the process of developing an application for mobile devices or augmented reality, which will have the ability to analyze vibrations in the electromagnetic field to the extent that our technology allows. The idea is to generate cymatic patterns for analysis and comparisons in various scientific, musical, chemical, mathematical, and structural construction areas. The application should generate patterns in a 3D VR or AR augmented reality environment or in 2D. It should also break down these patterns into every geometric shape it can detect. I also want it to be able to perform the reverse process - analyze a pattern from a photo or video and break it down from the captured visual information. This would allow us to design sound or vibration spectra solely based on visual information. It's like reversing the sound of Plato's solids (which compose musical harmonies) and thus better understanding the resonance effect in any geometric environment and measuring it without many variable difficulties.

    I'm sharing some of my research, is in spanish, because im from Chile. Also im Acoustic-Informatic Engenieer. If everyone wants more documents or share knowledge, here's my email:,

    Best regards, and it's great to see this page is still active! I wish you all fulfillment, success, light, love, and eternity!

    The files are attached.

    P.S.: I'm leaving what I've developed so far in the app in case anyone wants to co-develop it. It's on GitHub.









    import numpy as np

    import cv2

    # clases para los objetos

    class obj:

      followed=False  # if this contour is already in video ( en frases anteriores )

      shape = ''  # to detect shape

      ide =0      # id of contour

      passed = False  # to know if the object already passed the line

      def __init__(self, x,y,w,h):

        self.x = x

        self.y = y

        self.w = w

        self.h = h

      def remove(self):

        self.x = -300

        self.y = -300

        self.w = -300

        self.h = -300



    def CheckExitLineCrossing(y,CoorYExitLine):


        if (AbsDistance<=20):

            return 1


            return 0





    cap = cv2.VideoCapture(r'C:\Users\iP\Desktop\Video 9.wmv')

    objects =[]


    rect =0

    tri = 0

    ret, frame =


    height = frame.shape[0]

    width = frame.shape[1]



        ret, frame =


        if(ret != True):





        OffsetRefLines = 20


        draw = np.zeros(frame.shape,dtype=np.uint8)

        kernel = np.ones((11,11),np.uint8)

        frame = cv2.morphologyEx(frame, cv2.MORPH_CLOSE, kernel)

        frame = cv2.morphologyEx(frame, cv2.MORPH_OPEN, kernel)

        gray = cv2.cvtColor(frame, cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY)


        gray = cv2.GaussianBlur(gray,(7,7),0)

        ret,thresh1 = cv2.threshold(gray,127,255,cv2.THRESH_BINARY)




        contours, hierarchy = cv2.findContours(thresh1, cv2.RETR_EXTERNAL, cv2.CHAIN_APPROX_NONE)


        for i in contours:


            #filter small contours or noise

            x,y,w,h = cv2.boundingRect(i)

            if(w < 105 and h < 105):




            #detect the corners of contour to know the shape

            epsilon = 0.1*cv2.arcLength(i,True)

            approx = cv2.approxPolyDP(i,epsilon,True)


            #detect the shape

            shape =''

            if(approx.shape[0] ==3):

                shape ='triangle'

            elif (approx.shape[0] == 4):

                shape ='square'





            #center of contour

            cx = x + 0.5*w

            cy = y + 0.5*h

            frame =, (int(cx),int(cy)), 5, (255,0,0),5)


            existed = False # to know if this contour is already exist and not new


            #loop over all object

            for c in objects:

                #if center pixel is in bounding rect of object

                if(cx > c.x and cx < c.x+c.w and cy > c.y and cy < c.y+c.h):

                    #update contour with new coordinates

                    c.x = x

                    c.y = y

                    c.w = w

                    c.h = h

                    c.followed = True # this object is exist in video

                    existed = True # contour is not new

                    c.shape = shape


            # add new object

            if(existed == False):

                new_cont = obj(x, y, w, h)

                new_cont.followed = True

                new_cont.shape = shape


                new_cont.ide = len(objects)+1



        #loop all objects if there are objects is no loonger exist in video we

                #remove it

        for i in objects:

            if(i.followed == False):




        #print objects

        for i in objects:

            if(i.followed == True):

                frame=cv2.putText(frame, str(i.ide)+' '+i.shape, (i.x,i.y), cv2.FONT_HERSHEY_SIMPLEX ,


                            , (255,255,255),4)



            #if y inside the line and the objct didnt pass the line before

            if(CheckExitLineCrossing(i.y , int(height/2)-OffsetRefLines) and i.passed == False):


                passing +=1


                if(i.shape =='triangle'):

                    tri +=1


                elif(i.shape =='square'):

                    rect +=1


                i.passed = True


        # all objects is set to false to next frame

        for i in objects:

            i.followed = False


        frame = cv2.line(frame, (0,int(height/2)-OffsetRefLines), (width-1,int(height/2)-OffsetRefLines), (0,0,255), 3)


        cv2.putText(frame, "exit: {}".format(str(passing)), (10,10),cv2.FONT_HERSHEY_SIMPLEX, 0.5, (255, 255, 255), 2)#pour afficher le resultat du triangle sur la video

        cv2.putText(frame, "rectangle: {}".format(str(rect)), (100, 10),cv2.FONT_HERSHEY_SIMPLEX, 0.5, (255, 255, 255), 2)#pour afficher le resultat du circle sur la video

        cv2.putText(frame, "triangle: {}".format(str(tri)), (230, 10),cv2.FONT_HERSHEY_SIMPLEX, 0.5,(255, 255, 255), 2)



        if cv2.waitKey(30) & 0xFF == ord('q'):



    print('objects passed the line = '+str(passing))

    print('recatangles the line = '+str(rect))

    print('triangles the line = '+str(tri))



  • What a great question. I studied with a sound practitioner for a few years and though she didn't have any science to back her up, she was insistent on the fact that she could tell someone's health through their voice. Many ancient aspects refer to this knowledge as well. For my friends clients, she would literally work on ways they could achieve a full range of keys/notes/tones. She worked a lot with women, who had a hard time even expressing through voice/sound. Her work over the 30+ years of doing this led her to her own conclusions that one's voice is absolutely the most powerful tool for healing, and also that the "voice" is more than just what comes from our mouth, but an entire vibration emanating from a Be*ing. That the tones/keys/notes were linked to the health of certain organs in the physical aspect, but also to the mental, emotional, spiritual and other dimensional bodies. Even with the cymatics studies we all participate in, the visual is limited to a 2-3D view, when the vibrations being emitted create a full spherical infinite and connective aspect that we cannot see in our limited visual spectrum. But most of us will attest at being able to feel the "vibe" of a room or person... our entire being has a voice, not just the words and keys coming from our mouth.  It is fascinating explorations to me and I can't get enough in my studies!  "There is no denying beauty makes a sound".  

  • I felt the need to contribute to this forum regarding my personal observations and possible medical implications based on this idea that vibration and sound frequency have a discernible structure. Cymatics gives definitive observable and repeatable scientific data that corroborates the concept of specific geometry structures that correlate with specific frequency levels, and so it essence the geometry itself, holds information much like the crystal Or maybe exactly like the crystal creating a fractal coherent wave that is the geometry! Gemstones all have their individual frequency signature depending on size shape color and crystalline structure. Water also has a crystalline structure and has been known to hold memory depending on where the water is tested each specific water testing location and also shape and words written and placed on a couple of water all have the specific geometries for lack there of, depending on test scenario. The science of homeopathy is widely discredited but at the same time is utilized within modern science and has been it's just that most people don't think too much about it, but gives us he a credible source of data that one could research confirm. Snake serum,  is one of these proofs. When someone has a snake bite the doctors give a snake serum this serum is made by taking snake venom and diluting it down to the point that the venom itself is not present in the solution of water but what is left over is the frequency signature of the venom that when ingested creates a "cancellation affect" causing remission. So we also I'm sure are familiar with the idea of wave cancellation. Another corroboration is based on the same idea in the military the method utilized to cause a military vehicle to be silent, is by utilizing the signature frequency of the vehicle and then mirroring back the same frequency canceling out the sound. This technology is used in hearing aids and earphones. So taking this idea back to how one might possibly be able to cancel out diseases based on this scientific principle of wave cancellation. The human body has what we call organs pun intended, each organ has its own signature frequency a Geometry that is directly correlated to the condition of the body organ itself,  so a disease has a negative degenerative attributes , not normal geometry. If we then can determine what the frequency of the normal organ one may be able to use this information to have the ability to cancel out disease, by employing one or all of multiple different possible ways possible, this is why I believe gemstones can heal because they cancel out disease, Also   theoretically  a Talisman or maybe a Modalah can be utilized using sacred geometry and or  holographic images. In most basic terms this could be understood with the analogy of a person throwing a baseball and another person throwing another baseball at the same time causing the balls to collide and cancel out all momentum. Willhelm Rike through his experiments was able to kill that cells with specific frequencies. Most of us are familiar with the experiment with a singer seeking a note and breaking a glass, this is achieved by matching the frequency of the glass and bringing the amplitude up to a point the glass shattered. this concept I believe has been utilized prior, but I feel has been suppressed and now becoming clear based on science and nonbiased observation. This Please forgive any grammar issues I'm dyslexic

  • The book 'Voice Figures' by Mrs Watts Hughes is indeed a beautiful illustrated account of voice driven cymatics. Rare book but the pdf should be kicking about online. 

    Check out this page and video, not sure it's what you are after but it discusses Hebrew and it's inherent geometry, mathematics, and hidden or 'sacred' meaning, especially when applied to the Torah, Genesis etc... It ties it in with Cymatics since the properties of the alphabet are such that the vowels are literally meant to spell themselves out in Cymatics... there's a link to a video with a demonstration... however that link is down.... have been looking for a suitable demo for some time and for my own study -----anyone know where i can find one? 

  • The problems with voice analysis are numerous, especially within the context of Cymatic formations of tones, harmonics, and resonances. Voices prints change easily from moment to moment, session to session. Then there are the different media chosen for creating and vewing the Cymatic formations, e.g., on a Cymascope, in a dish of water, with shape, size, tensegrity of the tympanum, et al dictating outcomes. It is necessary to bring in a plethora of frequency studies regarding conditions, atomic weights, hundreds of bioresonances applicable, frequencies known to restore or counter conditional resonances, etc. Dr. Peter Guy Manners develped about 800 commuations for specific conditions and illnesses, and I use these as a starting point in R & D.

  • John Stuart Reid said:
    Hello Amado,
    As far as I know, the only instrument that can show the human voice pattern (CymaGlyph) is the CymaScope. Our web site has an introductory section on Phonology:

    The study of human CymaGlyphs as a diagnostic tool is in its infancy but we and other colleagues are making good progress in this area. Please feel free to write to me directly and I will put you in touch with the other researchers who have a CymaScope and are researching this subject:
    Best wishes, John Stuart Reid
  • Hello Amado,
    As far as I know, the only instrument that can show the human voice pattern (CymaGlyph) is the CymaScope. Our web site has an introductory section on Phonology:

    The study of human CymaGlyphs as a diagnostic tool is in its infancy but we and other colleagues are making good progress in this area. Please feel free to write to me directly and I will put you in touch with the other researchers who have a CymaScope and are researching this subject:
    Best wishes, John Stuart Reid
  • See Margaret Watts-Hughes
  • Hi Amado, there are many studies that have been done, and current work being done, with using sound to work with medical conditions. Your quesiton seems to relate maybe diagnosing conditions from the voice, using cymatics imaging, if I am correct...I don't know abou that specfically but the first place i would go to learn more about cymatics and how it relates to medicine and health is
    That is John Beaulieu's main site (who you can see featured in a video here on cymatics and nitric oxide).
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