Research needed for special cymatic testing.

I'm an LLC business that is in start up mode.

I own a patent on a new music tool called, The Harmony Matrix®

If you are associated to a business which has been given grants for research.

We need to talk. 

Our company will have a website up in a few day explaining our

contribution to music math and education.

This project will be a meaningful cymatic experiment.

I need to know your details, before I talk about what I'm after.

Mark Herrick

CEO Major Harmony LLC

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  • Hi Mark!

    Please check my answer for another discussion, if me can help in something, please contact me. !

    Link to my answer

    I have a post on my profile where I ask a similar question. Cymatic patterns respond to frequency effects. Apparently, the patterns behave in the same way depending on their length. The complexity lies in being able to store information when conducting experiments, and there's also the inclusion of references with the most scientific analyses in fields such as physics, electricity, mathematics, materials, and so on.

    Seven years ago, I set out to discover the vibrational capacity of the electromagnetic spectrum in its entirety. This was so that I could find a universal language focused on vibration in our dimensional environment.

    Sensorial, rational, psychoanalytical, intuitive, scientific - I aimed to quantify the existing Aether that encompasses everything. This would enable me to develop a language that could emit communication to the infinite... and who knows, maybe even answer the reality of how we feel as living beings: soul, spirit, consciousness, body, mind. Furthermore, my theory attempts to link the quadrivium with chemistry. If you're interested, I can send it to you. The idea is to understand and learn more every day, with a holistic perspective. We measure or understand vibrations based on time, either absolute or relative. But I consider the quantification of coherence as the symmetry of vibratory beauty that unites everything from one point to another and also on itself in relation to time... as a language of communication. Sender - message (musical, mathematical, visual, sensory, chemical) - receiver. The mind creates reality. If we can dialogue with it and achieve a balance between body and mind, we can achieve harmony with everything.

    <Communication: interaction of language for understanding>

    Sender - message - receiver (which can also be internal... self-evaluation, decision-making, etc.)

    <Electricity: flow of energy from one place to another. Movement of electrons within a conductive material. Energy - frequency - vibration>

    Sender = Energy / Message = Frequency / Receiver = Vibration

    The theory explains the idea better... :P

    I'm also in the process of developing an application for mobile devices or augmented reality, which will have the ability to analyze vibrations in the electromagnetic field to the extent that our technology allows. The idea is to generate cymatic patterns for analysis and comparisons in various scientific, musical, chemical, mathematical, and structural construction areas. The application should generate patterns in a 3D VR or AR augmented reality environment or in 2D. It should also break down these patterns into every geometric shape it can detect. I also want it to be able to perform the reverse process - analyze a pattern from a photo or video and break it down from the captured visual information. This would allow us to design sound or vibration spectra solely based on visual information. It's like reversing the sound of Plato's solids (which compose musical harmonies) and thus better understanding the resonance effect in any geometric environment and measuring it without many variable difficulties.

    I'm sharing some of my research, is in spanish, because im from Chile. Also im Acoustic-Informatic Engenieer. If everyone wants more documents or share knowledge, here's my email:,

    Best regards, and it's great to see this page is still active! I wish you all fulfillment, success, light, love, and eternity!


    cymatics analysis of human voice
    As a Physician and researcher I wondeer if there are scientufuc studies abiut human voice pattern signature related to health and or illness
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