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A Guide to Gong Baths

I've just published the above book (full title: Awakening Your Soul - A Guide to Gong Baths) on Amazon. It's intended both for newcomers to the subject and for regular attendees wishing to run their own gong baths. 

it covers everything you need to know, including how to choose a gong, how to play a gong for relaxing, releasing and for spiritual goals, how to prepare for a gong bath, and how to evaluate them.

Any feedback is welcome. it's intended as a guide, not as an encyclopaedia on the subject though!



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11194074881?profile=originalCymatics artist Jodina Meehan will be reading from her new novel CYMATICA in Greenfield at the Word Festival this Friday the 23rd!

The novel is the first part in a fantasy fiction trilogy featuring cymatics in a world where sound is magic. The first book is on track to be published this year and this will be the first public reading/performance.

Jodina will be reading at the Arts Block at 9:00pm and will be at the festival to meet with from 7:00-10:00. You can get all the info here (including where the Arts Block is and more about the Word Festival):

If you love words/fiction/poetry I encourage you to come early and stay late so you can catch all the wonderful readers there tomorrow night, and make an evening of it!

Leave a reply in the comments if you plan to be there.

P.S. If you can’t make it: we will be recording a meerkat broadcast of the cymatics reading LIVE, get your meerkat account set up here today and you could beam in virtually (or catch the recording later too):

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11194074672?profile=originalAnnouncing the 10th anniversary Cymatics Conference, to be held at the Historic Academy of Medicine in Atlanta, GA this November 6-8 (2015)!

Doctors, therapists, scientists, and artists who work in the field of cymatics will all be there and this year there is an exciting lineup of presentations that span science, art and healing with cymatics.

Whether you are interested in the visual or healing aspects of cymatics, or want to know more about the science behind this rapidly growing field of study, you will find something of interest and have the opportunity to meet the some of the leaders of the cymatics movement in Atlanta this November.

In fact, if you are able to make it to the cymatics conference this year, we will be able to meet in person as I have just confirmed that I will be there as a presenter this year.

So take a look at your calendar and see if you can book a trip. Click here to see the current lineup of presenters and how to reserve tickets to the cymatics conference.

Leave a comment and let me know if you can make it!

- Jodina

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The start of the universe..

There is no trace that before the universe as we know it there was actually "nothing"or a "void"..

hence the bible started of with "in the beginning" and not "at the beginning".

The creation of matter [items] within the physical frame we call the universe [like you need a room before you can hang up paintings, the physical space which holds our universe had to be created prior to matter coming into excistence] is described in genesis.

And the actual science of matter coming into excistens is written in the book of john.

Breakdown of john 1:1

john1:1 In the beginning was the Word [sound/frequence], and the Word was with God [light], and the Word was God.[sound is light]

Sound can be transformed into light and experiments show this:

"Researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California successfully converted sound waves to light radiation by reversing a process that transforms electricity to sound, which is commonly used in cell phones. This is the first time that sound has been converted to light. The findings, which were published this week in Nature Physics"

Sound becomes light:

Footage of a sound transforming into light experiment:

The formula and course of events how light [God] came to be is described in john 1:1

Light To Matter

One of the points of the opposition [who take the bible literal at all times] will be that light cannot create matter.that point is invalid as science has proved that light can become matter:

Working with colleagues at the Harvard-MIT Center for Ultracold Atoms, a group led by Harvard Professor of Physics Mikhail Lukin and MIT Professor of Physics Vladan Vuletic have managed to coax photons into binding together to form molecules – a state of matter that, until recently, had been purely theoretical. The work is described in a September 25 paper in Nature.

Video explinations:


Sound can be converted/transformed to light [word = god < > sound = light]

light can be transformed to matter [god created matter < > light can be transformed into matter]

Compiled by:

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I See Vocals

Greetings to all in the School of Cymatics! It's a pleasure and an honor to be a part of such a great community of researchers and cymatics enthusiasts. I had heard of the school previously but am kicking myself for not joining earlier than I have. I look forward to studying the materials and interacting with the community.

In the meantime, I wanted to link to a website I have developed called: I have been working with the good folks at (John Reid) to do some research and analysis regarding tuning instruments to standard (A at 440Hz) vs. tuned to 432Hz. We also looked at the differences between strumming the same chords (tuned to 440Hz) on two different guitars (a 2012 Gretsch Falcon and a 2013 American Telecaster). And, finally, just for fun, I was curious to see what some famous songs/vocalists would look like through the cymascope images (Tears for Fears and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam). Many thanks to John Reid and the team. Note: all images have been licensed.

Enclosed is a picture of my own cymaglyph imaged by the Cymascope folks. This is me singing the vowel sound "ah".




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Could it be possible for cymatics to create forces similar to the "spin" of a flying disc??  This would be so that a small hand held toy with attached "dart" on the bottom of the disc could be "thrown"; "throw" the "dart" with rigidly attached toy disc and have it fly like a toy disc (or like a toy frisbee) even though the disc would not be "spinning" but rather the "cymatics" would provide a "spinning" energy to a "non-rotating" disc in flight?? 

please send answer to:   "maker of experimental toy frisbees"

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The nature of vibratory force

My cymatics and vibrtory work posted here is an ongoing study on the nature of vibratory force. In this current life, I have often found if difficult to describe my hearts deepest thoughts with words, so the work is a way for me to communicate and teach myself what I once knew in past life and express it back to myself as well as my peers for review. This is not an easy thing... to show your heart and all its imperfections to people. This is why I focus on as much heart based ceremonial, healing and peace work as I find center spin and the courage to continue on this blind and imperfect path. One thing is certain...I HONOR THE SPIRIT IN ALL.

Photo: Sacred Water Blessing Celebrating San O Power Plant Decommissioning - one victory at a time  


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Seeking new experiences

Greetings. I am a new member here sending Peace, Love, Light and Blessings of Abundance to all, my purpose here is to learn as cymatics is a new experience for me, even though I am an acupuncturist and chakra energy practitioner, residing and practicing on the beautiful tropical island of Barbados, and have used sound in my practice, so I look forward to learning new and exciting things while here. Anthony (Tony) Squires

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Cymatics At The Smithsonian

11194073860?profile=originalA few months ago John Stuart Reid of was asked by Deborah Stokes, curator for education at the Smithsonian Institute, if it would be possible to cymatically image some 'songs of stars' for their new African Cosmos Stellar Arts Exhibition which runs through to December 9th 2012. 

John told the School of Cymatics he was delighted to have been asked.

He said, "This is an important milestone for the CymaScope and for cymatics in general. It will help cymatics gain acceptance in the world as a useful scientific technique. The atomic processes within the atomic furnace of stars create sounds as a result of the high-energy collisions between atomic particles. These sounds cause the starlight to vary minutely, tiny modulations that can be detected by sensitive instrumentation, then demodulated, recreating the original sounds in the laboratory. Analysis of the star sounds can help asteroseismologists gain a better understanding of the atomic processes with a given star."

The star sounds were processed by the following scientists:

Star: RR Lyrae
Dr Elisabeth Guggenberger, University of Vienna, Austria

Star: Chi Hydrae
Dr Conny Aerts and team, University of Leuven, Belgium.
Sound file created by: European Southern Observatory.

Star: PG1159+035
Michael Breger, Department of Astronomy, University of Texas, USA.

Star: Sun
Dr Guenter Houdek and Dr Douglas Gough, University of Vienna, Austria.

The star sound files were fed into a CymaScope, which makes the periodicities in the star sounds visible by imprinting them on the surface of ultra pure water, transcribing the sound periodicities to periodic wavelets, effectively rendering the sounds visible. 

The CymaScope imagery was captured on-camera and sent to James Stuart Reid, John's son, who provided colorization and titles. 

The completed videos were then sent to the Smithsonian where Michael Briggs used them to create the "Star Station," a booth where visitors can experience the stars-sounds-made-visible for the first time. Initial visitor reaction to the Star Station has been very positive and children, in particular, love it. Inspiring children to explore the field of cymatics is an important part of the ethos of and the School of Cymatics.

The four star-sounds-made-visible videos can be viewed on the CymaScope web site by clicking here

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Cymatics Photos From The Big Party!

11194073076?profile=original 11194073656?profile=original
This past Sunday was my birthday and as you can see we had a lot of fun playing with cymatics devices in my studio downtown. The device you see in the photos is a steel plate on a wave driver, I am playing songs through the amp and driver with my iPhone.

Speaking of iPhones if you haven't put your name in to get a copy of the yet you should do that now - there are only 8 days lefton kickstarter to make the project successful!

There were three different ways to experience cymatics at the studio party: the wave driver setup you see here, plus...


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Cymatic Software

I wanted to share this as it is a major breakthrough in Cymatics, its called Cymatic Software.

11194072865?profile=original656.37 Hertz

Now you can see the Sound

Wholeness and Balance to everyone. We have been working nonstop on this end to bring the highest level of interaction with the Universe in Balance. As many are aware we have been pursuing the Universal Language and have come to the conclusion that it could be discovered through Cymatics. Now we present Cymatic Tonoscope Software.

Here is what you can do with it:

  • You can program the software to generate thousands of Cymatic Patters that correspond to the frequencies that you are inputting.
  • You can save the generated images in Bitmap, PNG, JPG, and GIF formats.
  • Explore deep into Cymatics with the Random Pattern Generator.
  • Finally see the shape behind sound without building costly Cymatic Machines.
  • Choose between Rectangle or Circle Plates, Plate Thickness, Surface Tension, and Sand Properties to precisely see your frequency of choice.

Please Read Before Ordering

Computer Requirements

Known Issues with software:

  • Although there is a color option it does not function properly.
  • For older computers a temporary error will come up when using the tone changer slide. Simply press Continue.
  • When changing multiple settings especially out of parameters some slider become unavailable "greyed out" a simple closing and opening of the Cymatic Software is necessary to clear software cache.

Purchase the Cymatic Tonoscope Software for $30 and have it sent to you electronically. For more information click here


Support: It is our primary goal to bring this Cymatic Software to you immediately however for those that are not as computer savvy a tutorial video and instruction booklet is in the making and will be up by next week.Today is 8-4-2011.


In addition we encourage those who purchase the software to experiment with the settings to become familiar with the processes of tuning frequency properly to fully see the shape. Frequency is not a straight forward common sense science and at times takes patience and dedication that will surely be rewarded. Injoy!


Instructions (Video Tutorial on Cymatic Software Available by Clicking Here or Below)

  1. For optimal results make sure plate dimensions i.e. height and width are equal. Changing the size of the application screen also changes the actual size of the plate so keep this in mind when attempting to use full screen.
  2. Slide Sand Properties Bar to the mid point before doing anything with other buttons. (this is very important).
  3. Select (Options Tab) from the top right corner of the Cymatic Software Interface. Change Default Tension Setting to 5.00 rather than 55.00. Do not change Surface Density.
  4. Select (Find All Frequencies) Button located at the top left of the Cymatic Software Interface.
  5. You can now use the (Tone) slider directly below the Sand Properties Bar to toggle through Cymatic Patterns and Frequencies. You can observe the pattern in the preview screen located on the bottom left of the screen before taking you finger off the mouse button which will allow it to be displayed on the plate. Also you can get information on the frequency you are playing from the designated area on the left side towards the middle of the Cymatic Tonoscope Software Interface.
  6. Keep in mind you can select the (Save) option any time to save Cymatic in JPG. PNG. or Gif formats.
  7. When you want to tweak settings on the program simply push the (reset) button to clear previous settings.

We are with you, We never tire at doing the best We can for humanity.


Video Software Tutorial






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Words Theory

For many years I have been searching "Words Theory", and discovering cymatics, I found some regularities in spaces between words in written texts - they form lines similar to those made by sound reacting with small particles of matter. And it seems to me natural somehow, because along the lines locates matter, and words are spaces between that matter - e.g - between lines. It could lead to answer how our minds work - thoughts are spaces between lines of cymatics matter.

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Can YOU answer this cymatics question?

Chris recently wrote in,

"Hi Jodina,

The following is from Wikipedia:
"Chladni's lawFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, searchChladni's law, named after Ernst Chladni, relates the frequency of modes of vibration for flat circular surfaces with fixed center as a function of thenumbers m of diametric (linear) nodes and n of radial (circular) nodes. It is stated as the equation    f = C (m + 2n)^p where C and p are coefficients which depend on the properties of the plate.For flat circular plates, p is roughly 2, but Chladni's law can also be used to describe the vibrations of cymbals, handbells, and church bells in which case p can vary from 1.4 to 2.4. In fact, p can even vary for a single object, depending on which family of modes is being examined."

I was wondering if you know some values for the coefficient C, or can direct me, please? Actually, I guess what I am really after are some looks at the equation for various patterns -- on a flat circular plate would be great -- in water would be tremendous!! ...."


If anyone here at the school has a good answer or lead on this, reply to this post!



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