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"What if the constant Pi was Ether?

After 10 years of personal research into the hypothetical existence of the etheric field, this novel formulation of the constant Pi has come to light on its own. All the beauty of this mathematics is that it is represented by the conceptual outline relating to the ultimate scale. This representation shows that the constant Pi would be much more than a number, because it would be a radiation of energy of the scalar type. This radial energy field would make the timeless support allowing electromagnetic energy to manifest and in other words this energy producing scalar waves would be the Ether responsible for the propagation of light. I invite you to watch this video (in 720p resolution) to form your own opinion on these personal considerations, concerning the interpretation of this universal mathematics. Thanks see you soon...


(Framed in red)
"Formalized version of the 2 in 1 formulation of Pi Surfacique & Vectoriel ... To follow up on the sharing on various mathematics blogs of the content of the last post concerning the StankaB formulation of the "surface" constant Pi and after having undergone strong criticism as was to be expected, here is the formalized writing of this unpublished mathematics . I of course thank the only person who took the time to take the time to adapt a formal writing to this discovery, which shows that the constant Pi would be a radiation of surface energy extending to infinity and taking in this case the appearance of an etheric field. Without forgetting, that this formulation of Pi illustrating a mathematics of surface such as A x B transforms into a Pythagorean version, translating in this case the summation of vectors (diagonals of rectangle) and in order to correlate with the notion of radius relative to a physical magnitude. Note that the exponent 1/2 of the unformalized version is the equivalent of the square root symbol. While the voluntary use of the variables x and y allows me to visualize that this formulation depends on an orthonormal reference, which is not necessarily visible with formalized writing. However, this is what is most important as regards the interpretation of what would be the constant Pi in its fundamental aspect and namely energy .... "

(Synthesis StankaB)

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