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I am in need of a science fair project, and I was really hoping it could be about cymatics. I just was wondering if any of you knows how I could go about doing it. Cymatics is just such an intriguing subject and would be something new and fresh for the judges.


Thanks for reading, and any ideas will be appreciated.



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 My daughter and I are doing a science fair project. So,what i did was get a small stereo speaker and tape it to a 4inch ABS pipe with a bottom cap and a audio plug, leaving the top of the pipe open.Then I found a Congo drum used for 35$ and just taped it to the open side of ABS pip to the bottom of the drum. I found a on line frequency generator,  plugged it in then added some salt. BAM  it works!  but don't expect complex shapes for me the shapes were basic but good for the project.  I will post my project as soon as its all done.This is a school project for fourth grade. I will post all the info if someone needs some ideas.    

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