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Cymatics Artist Jodina Meehan Reading/Performing LIVE in MA Tomorrow Night!

Cymatics artist Jodina Meehan will be reading from her new novel CYMATICA in Greenfield at the Word Festival this Friday the 23rd!

The novel is the first part in a fantasy fiction trilogy featuring cymatics in a world where sound is magic. The first book is on track to be published this year and this will be the first public reading/performance.

Jodina will be reading at the Arts Block at 9:00pm and will be at the festival to meet with from 7:00-10:00. You can get all the info here (including where the Arts Block is and more about the Word Festival):

If you love words/fiction/poetry I encourage you to come early and stay late so you can catch all the wonderful readers there tomorrow night, and make an evening of it!

Leave a reply in the comments if you plan to be there.

P.S. If you can’t make it: we will be recording a meerkat broadcast of the cymatics reading LIVE, get your meerkat account set up here today and you could beam in virtually (or catch the recording later too):

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