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I wanted to share this as it is a major breakthrough in Cymatics, its called Cymatic Software.

656.37 Hertz

Now you can see the Sound

Wholeness and Balance to everyone. We have been working nonstop on this end to bring the highest level of interaction with the Universe in Balance. As many are aware we have been pursuing the Universal Language and have come to the conclusion that it could be discovered through Cymatics. Now we present Cymatic Tonoscope Software.

Here is what you can do with it:

  • You can program the software to generate thousands of Cymatic Patters that correspond to the frequencies that you are inputting.
  • You can save the generated images in Bitmap, PNG, JPG, and GIF formats.
  • Explore deep into Cymatics with the Random Pattern Generator.
  • Finally see the shape behind sound without building costly Cymatic Machines.
  • Choose between Rectangle or Circle Plates, Plate Thickness, Surface Tension, and Sand Properties to precisely see your frequency of choice.

Please Read Before Ordering

Computer Requirements

Known Issues with software:

  • Although there is a color option it does not function properly.
  • For older computers a temporary error will come up when using the tone changer slide. Simply press Continue.
  • When changing multiple settings especially out of parameters some slider become unavailable "greyed out" a simple closing and opening of the Cymatic Software is necessary to clear software cache.

Purchase the Cymatic Tonoscope Software for $30 and have it sent to you electronically. For more information click here


Support: It is our primary goal to bring this Cymatic Software to you immediately however for those that are not as computer savvy a tutorial video and instruction booklet is in the making and will be up by next week.Today is 8-4-2011.


In addition we encourage those who purchase the software to experiment with the settings to become familiar with the processes of tuning frequency properly to fully see the shape. Frequency is not a straight forward common sense science and at times takes patience and dedication that will surely be rewarded. Injoy!


Instructions (Video Tutorial on Cymatic Software Available by Clicking Here or B...

  1. For optimal results make sure plate dimensions i.e. height and width are equal. Changing the size of the application screen also changes the actual size of the plate so keep this in mind when attempting to use full screen.
  2. Slide Sand Properties Bar to the mid point before doing anything with other buttons. (this is very important).
  3. Select (Options Tab) from the top right corner of the Cymatic Software Interface. Change Default Tension Setting to 5.00 rather than 55.00. Do not change Surface Density.
  4. Select (Find All Frequencies) Button located at the top left of the Cymatic Software Interface.
  5. You can now use the (Tone) slider directly below the Sand Properties Bar to toggle through Cymatic Patterns and Frequencies. You can observe the pattern in the preview screen located on the bottom left of the screen before taking you finger off the mouse button which will allow it to be displayed on the plate. Also you can get information on the frequency you are playing from the designated area on the left side towards the middle of the Cymatic Tonoscope Software Interface.
  6. Keep in mind you can select the (Save) option any time to save Cymatic in JPG. PNG. or Gif formats.
  7. When you want to tweak settings on the program simply push the (reset) button to clear previous settings.

We are with you, We never tire at doing the best We can for humanity.


Video Software Tutorial



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Comment by Denise Crabtree on September 1, 2014 at 10:03pm
This is totally cool. Wow. I love this program. I have done quilt patterns for years and to see a program of such beauty exceeds any pattern I've seen thus far. Beautiful work. Bravo!

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