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Cymatics Artist Jodina Meehan Reading/Performing LIVE in MA Tomorrow Night!

Cymatics artist Jodina Meehan will be reading from her new novel CYMATICA in Greenfield at the Word Festival this Friday the 23rd!

The novel is the first part in a fantasy fiction trilogy featuring cymatics in a world where sound is magic. The first book is on track to be published this year and this will be the first…


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10th Annual Cymatics Conference coming up next month: will you be there?

Announcing the 10th anniversary Cymatics Conference, to be held at the Historic Academy of Medicine in Atlanta, GA this November 6-8 (2015)!

Doctors, therapists, scientists, and artists who work in the field of cymatics will all be there and this year there is an exciting lineup of presentations that span science, art and healing with cymatics.

Whether you are…


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Cymatics At The Smithsonian

A few months ago John Stuart Reid of was asked by Deborah Stokes, curator for education at the Smithsonian Institute, if it would be possible to cymatically image some 'songs of stars' for their new African Cosmos Stellar Arts Exhibition which runs through…


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Cymatics Photos From The Big Party!

This past Sunday was my birthday and as you can see we had a lot of fun playing with cymatics devices in my studio downtown. The device you see in the photos is a steel plate on a wave driver, I am playing songs through the amp…


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Can YOU answer this cymatics question?

Chris recently wrote in,

"Hi Jodina,

The following is from Wikipedia:

"Chladni's lawFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, searchChladni's law, named after Ernst Chladni, relates the frequency of modes of vibration for flat circular surfaces with fixed center as a function of thenumbers m of diametric (linear) nodes and n of radial (circular) nodes. It is stated as the equation    f = C (m + 2n)^p where C and p are coefficients which depend on the…


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Nine-Year-Old Girl Wins First Place for Cymatics Experiments!

Lily Pierce of the United States has won first place at her school science fair for her work with cymatics. See full article and photos (plus a description of her experiments and how she did them) here at the: Journal of Cymatics

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Welcome to the School of Cymatics!

There are several ways you can benefit from the School of Cymatics, here is what I would suggest you do to get started:

1. Become a member and finish your profile including your photo.

2. Sign up to get on my cymatics mailing list and download your free cymatics device instructions here:

3. Watch the "Cymatics 101" Videos inside the CYMATICS CLASSES TAB to begin…


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