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Hello Fellow Investigators. While looking for ways to explain different symmetries to my college students, I stumbled onto cymatic images conducting research for my teaching job. Once I understood that these remarkable images were not digital creations but produced by analog sounds, the deep implications of these cymaglyphs began to set in. Before then I was more interested in how data produced graphic symmetries. Now we all plainly see that sound waves have each kind of symmetry encoded within it. Like wow man!

Since then I have been fascinated to learn about how sonic manipulation manifests materially, especially as it relates to treating disease as a less invasive and less toxic alternative to the clinical treatments now used.

Circumstance has permitted me to do a lot of investigation outside of an academic setting. I hope to see sonic and ultrasonic/vibrational healing move outside it's accepted role as a diagnostic tool into mainstream medicine with the same supporting clinical and anecdotal evidence backing it as any other discipline.

I understand from the science of sonocytology that each sort of living cells vibrate at specific frequencies expressed as cellular periodicity. The so called "screaming yeast cell" articles confirm that distressed cells vibrate at a different rate than normal healthy ones. These findings come from in vitro inspection using a scanning electron microscope. Since any investigation of human tissue would presumably involve a biopsy procedure followed by lab analysis, could we also presume that changing a cell's in vivo state creates a stressful state?

My intuition suggests that cymatics may offer a way to both read the periodicities of related cell groups and to write them rightly again via entrainment treatments delivered specifically upon the distressed cells. My scientific understanding is inadequate today to suggest the specific mechanics of how this cymatic reading might be performed in vivo, but I raise the issue here in hope that you fellow investigators may.

When you reply, please be aware that what I taught was multimedia. Any understanding of medicine or science I have results from independent investigation for which no credentials are claimed or implied.

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